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Please call to schedule. We are currently only taking appointments for Tuesdays and Thursdays. We will be opening our brand new down stairs clinic for appointments 6 days a week soon!

We are a walk in, first come-first serve clinic Monday- Saturday. Check in with our front desk and we will get you in a room to see an awesome veterinarian as soon as possible.

We apologize for any wait! We are Astoria’s oldest vet clinic and we do our best to take excellent care of your pets and keep our prices low. We see as many people as we can in a day but it is best to check in early before we have met our max capacity for the morning or afternoon. We are proud that our reputation over the last 35 years brings people from all over the northwest and keeps them coming back for more.

Please call to schedule Surgeries.

Please call with any questions, we are happy to help!!

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Some questions we get a lot…

Not unless you need surgery. Just walk in and check in with our front desk. It’s really that simple.

$30 to get a room with a Vet and chat about your companions. Sometimes less if it’s quick.
Call us and we will let you know the next available appointment.

Check in with our front desk and let them know you don’t need to see a Vet cause your animal is feeling fine. Then just $20 for the first shot and $15 for every one after that! As many animals as you can bring us. A tech will come out and grab your animal when they are available and you will be on your way in no time.

Unfortunately we do not. It was more of a pain for our customers and our staff than it was worth.

For elective services like spay and neuters we do not. Our prices are already very discounted. There was a time when we did offer payment plans but unfortunately there were a large number of people who never paid anything and they ruined it for everyone.  We understand that sometimes animals get very sick or do dumb things that we may not be financially equipped to handle and in emergency situations we will try our best to work something out.

Drop off is between 8-9am in the morning. Check in with the front desk, fill out some paper work and depending on the surgery you will have a quick consult with the surgeon. Pick up is after 3pm the same day for almost all surgeries. Please no food or water after midnight the day before your surgery for your pets safety.
Give us a call and if we have seen your animal within the last 12 months for the issue we will usually have it ready for pick up within the hour. We can also ship most medications to your doorstep if you don’t really feel like getting out of your jammies.
Please call us right away and we will do everything we can to help you. We provide after hours emergency services most days of the week but we are not a 24 hour veterinary office. If you have an emergency situation after hours you may be directed to the nearest 24 hour animal hospital. We leave directions on our answering machine daily.

If you have any other questions, please contact us

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